Five Chins Dead Right

It is not often The Whale agrees with Shane “Five Chins” Jones, but today he has it dead right and is rewarded with a nomination in the MP of the Month award.

Labour MP Shane Jones says John Key should intervene in a Far North land occupation before thousands attend a fishing competition at the end of the month.

Land at Taipa which is up for sale is being occupied by two brothers, John and Wikatana Popata, who assaulted the Prime Minister at Waitangi last year.

The occupation is likely still to be in progress when the Lions Club hold its annual fishing competition.

Yes, if John Key can tell the cops I’m not above the law then he should tell them the same thing in this case. If he can comment on saving “Honest” Hone Harawiras arse from a road safety prosecution then he should speak out on this too. Actually speaking of “Honest” Hone, where is he on this issue of the occupation of private land?

The silence is defeaning from the two actual MPs for the area. Grow some balls boys.

Another thing I find funny is that the only nominations for MP of the Month for January are Labour MPs, is that because they are working rather than sunning their asses? The nominees so far are Clare Curran, Kelvin “Small School” Davis and now Shane “Five Chins” Jones. Though Kelvin Davis has dropped off the pace with this silly post. Only in a unionist teacher’s wildest dreams has there been a cradle to the grave education system and that is only for them. Born, went to school, went to university, went to teachers college, went back to school till they retired, then died. No wonder teachers are generally mal-adjusted.