Go Lisa

Lisa Lewis is going to stand for Hamilton City Mayor. I support her attempt. Good on her.

She wants Hamilton to be a destination, somewhere memorable.Previously Hamilton has had the dubious recognition of being the Chlamydia Capital of New Zealand.

Perhaps one of her slogans should be “Make Hamilton more memorable than Chlamydia”.

The money line in the whole article though is the last and a comment we should expect from a Veuve Clicquot Busineswoman of the Year nominee.

She said Hamilton needed to become a holiday destination. Her bid was not a publicity stunt, and she was not in it for the money. “Currently with my profession I am on more than what a Hamilton city councillor is on.”

Yeah. Spot on Lisa. Hookers get paid more than city councillors because they work harder and keep their customers satisfied. If Lisa brings that customer service ethic to the Mayoralty then it can only be good for the Tron.