Good Idea from the Commodore

The leftist press constantly denigrate the Frank Bainimarama. I have long counseled that a better way than the stick approach that New Zealand and Australia exhibit in the Pacific would be to open dialogue and offer real assistance in getting Fiji to a true democratic situation. I also mean that the previous constitution should be ripped up and a completely new one drafted/ Just don’t let Geoffry Palmer or Sir Paul Reeves anywhere near the drafting.

There are however some things that Fiji can teach us.

Every civil servant has been made accountable for their work.

They are required to work in line with the corporate plan of their respective ministries.

Each civil servant ?? right down to the driver and clerk ?? is required to draw up an individual work plan in line with the concerned ministry?s corporate plan.

For the next three years, Government will be looking at plans that will result in the strengthening of the economy.

Permanent Secretary in the Prime Minister?s Office, Pio Tikoduadua said the corporate plans were in line with Government vision for the next three years.

He said the exercise of drawing up individual work plans was to ensure that all civil servants were made accountable for their work.

Now isn’t that a brilliant idea? The PSA, of course, along with their Labour lackeys would certainly oppose that. I suppose the chances of John key doing this are remote as well.