Good Idea Phil

Wait, wait, it is possible that Phil Goff is onto something with his idea to cap Government sector salaries.

I propose that we cap them at the minimum wage.

The joke of his bleating today though was moaning “bludgers” who evade the top rate of tax as well as those at the other end “who dishonestly rip off the community for which they are not entitled; who think the rest of us own them a living, while they make no effort to help themselves.”

Uhmmm, if tax rates were at? rate where it just wasn’t worth it to dodge taxes then the problem would disappear. The system has become iniquitous when just 10% pay 73% of the taxes. Not only that it was Phil Goff’s participation in the previous government that enabled legislation that paid middle and upper income earners welfare and incentivised them to arrange their affairs in the most beneficial manner to them.

And that last bit, was that benny bashing? I’ll check the Standard, they call that at the slightest hint….oh wait..nothing there.

Phil Goff is an empty vessel and making a lot of noise.