Herald Editorial gets it dead wrong

It looks like “FIGJAM” Power has been whispering in the ear of his liberal mates at the Herald again. Today they have an editorial against the proposed three strikes law. “FIGJAM” Power of course opposes this being the illuminated font of all knowledge about the law that he learned in a small town no-one else has heard of and he thinks in his liberal elite way that we need to be hugging crims not locking them up, and recidivist crims just need more hugs.

The Herald says the law is bad because it robs Judges of the their Sentencing discretion. Good I say, the judges as a group with all but a few examples have robbed society by letting recidivist offenders back out on the streets to continue their little one man crime waves. This is, again, because most judges consider themselves to be the elite part of the phrase liberal elite. That they are the truly enlightened ones and therefore know better than anyone else just how criminals should be treated. They like the Herald editor and “FIGJAM” Power are dead wrong.

What is clear though is that “Smile and Wave” Key and “Crusher” Collins are far more in tune with public sentiment and together with ACT have decided that this law won’t be spiked by “FIGJAM” Power, that he can’t be trusted to implement the will of the vast majority of the NZ population and that “Crusher” Collins is far more able to direct this law unchanged through the parliament. it a lot about the real abilities of “FIGJAM” Power.

It is also abundantly clear to see “FIGJAM” Power has got in the ear of his mate and tried to nobble the law. Well he is wrong. The law is needed because the ONLY way to stop recidivist offenders is to lock them up and thus break the recidivist part.