Herald Hypocrisy

I love calling out Repeaters and especially when their editorial message is confused at best to just so egregiously wrong it warrants a smacking.

NZ Herald Editorial, 22 January 2010 – Three strikes law deserve the death sentence

“Imprisonment is not the most effective way of reducing recidivism, and building prisons is not the best use of taxpayer dollars.”

Ok we get it, putting people isn’t working says “FIGJAM” Power the NZ Herald Editor.

NZ Herald Editorial, 28 January 2010 – Why corporate cheats need the threat of jail

“The possibility of imprisonment would introduce a significant deterrent.”

Mmmmm-o-kay, Colour me confused. In the space of just six days the Herald has jail doesn’t stop recidivism when everyone knows that? crim locked up doesn’t commit anymore crimes while he is on the inside and then today they say that jail will stop recidivist Corporate Cheats.

Maybe FIGJAM Power the NZ Herald Editor“FIGJAM Power” got his messages confused, or perhaps the stress of being the most competent minister? and New Zealand’s next Top Prime Minister is getting to him.

You know the problem with liberal panty-waists and people without principles is that they never actually stand for anything. Then they try and weasel their way around the masses of contradictions their everyday utterance vomit forth.

In this case it is pointless giving new detention powers when everyone in business knows that it the sheer indolence of the Commerce Commission and their unwillingness to use any lead in a pencil that is the problem with our regulatory environment not the penalties.

Simon “FIGJAM” Power cites cartels as willfully ignoring the law. Well they will when they don’t even fget investigated by the wombles at ComCom.