Hobson's Choice for Labour

So Labour has re-selected Phil Goff and Annette “Married to the Mob” King to lead them to defeat in 2011.

“Silent T” Cunliffe has absolutely ruled himself out from this challenge and further challenges admitting that he has never wanted the job.

Shane “Five Chins” Jones has taken a different tack though.

Mr Jones initially said no comment before returning to say it was a “negative, divisive question”.

“Absolutely no interest whatsoever in applying for leadership or doing anything that breaks our unity.”

Asked again if he could pledge that for the full parliamentary term, he responded: “This is an attempt to be very divisive and to create rubbish.

Bye bye.”

That my friends isn’t a categorical no and so Goff now has one confirmed stalker looking to jam a shank into his back. At the same time as not confirming his full support of Phil Goff, Shane “Five Chins” Jones was putting the boot into the Maori Party. This it seems is his master strategy to help Labour win.

“Five Chins” is clearly playing draughts while the Maori party are playing Chess. Shane Jones is actually sabotaging any chance of Labour winning and Goff becoming PM by attacking the Maori party, of course after 2011 he will have an epiphany on the road to Kaikohe and suddenly change his mind.