I bet Russell is puce-faced

I just bet Russell is puce-faced with the DomPost Editorial today. He refuses to even mention my name or link as is polite when referring to posts so precious is he. But in the DomPost he is mentioned not just in the same article as me but also in the same sentence.

That some who cannot spell, let alone write, think that the world is gagging to know their business is as presumptuous as tweeters who think everyone is interested in their self-absorbed lives. Be that as it may.

Some blogs demand attention, in this country those by, for example, David Farrar, Russell Brown and Cameron Slater. Attention Slater has now got.

Yep and it is attention I never sought. This went nationwide when the Police decided to make an example of me, a foolish exercise in futility that brought on the Streisand Effect. Since they decided to do it though I though I would use the opportunity to make a change. Now I have a major daily newspaper backing the move to change our suppression laws. The lefty nay-sayers will have spat their Kornies and latte-mochachino all over the paper.

I think this is the day that Blogs showed how powerful they are and influential in today’s political environment. Let this be a lesson to politicians who think that they can sun themselves on extended holidays while the rest of New Zealand works and reads blog. If you don’t fill the news vacuum then someone else will. I don’t expect them to learn, for politicians are slow learners and conservative politicians slower than your average bear.

Nelson police, who laid the latest charges, call Slater’s actions irresponsible, because they fear they might lead to public identification of the victim, whom the suppression order was intended to protect.

Nelson police should think before opening their traps. I didn’t break name suppression the media did. Most people including the dim-bulb in Nelson and the fool Comesky haven’t worked that out yet. Not even The DomPost editor is immune from getting things incorrect. The Nelson police haven’t charged me with contempt. I haven’t even had so much as txt or phone call from the Detectives prosecuting me on the other charges, let alone a visit.

Slater is on a mission. He has said, outside the courtroom, that he believes everyone should be equal before the law, that celebrities and the wealthy have their identities suppressed more often and more easily than do ordinary Kiwis, and that the law needs changing.

I didn’t want to make this a mission. but as soon as the Police stepped up and wanted a fight over this it became my sole focus of blogging. unfortunately that is one of my traists that can be an advantage or a disadvantage. It is certainly a disadvantage when it comes to working in a multi-disciplinary environment but that is one of the issues I have with my depression. It is a distinct advantage when nothing else matters except winning and kicking the shit out of who ever started the fight in the first. If I get found guilty then so be it, I’ll take my licks, but at least we had a discussion about it.