I wonder what the Minister will say about this

Little else to be said about this completely inappropriate boy-racer stunt. Looks Crusher has found her first victims. Posted on Youtube by @joegreenz

Looks like they were trying to find the school and got lost.

UPDATE: Omg! It is worse than I thought, read the commentary in the sidebar at Youtube.

I shot these clips with my cell phone while at a school fair on Auckland’s North Shore. Two police patrol cars careened around a playing field for a considerable period of time. They were driven by uniformed officers, presumably on duty. On board the vehicles were members of the public, mostly children – I did not see any adult passengers. A fee was charged for the joy-ride (given to the school as part of their fundraising).

There were no safety precautions taken. Had the even been a sanctioned motorsport event or display then safety barriers would have been used between the public and the vehicles, hay bales, tyres or armco rails. Marshals would also have been present to inform the public about safety and to prevent incident or accident.

The video clearly shows the close proximity of the vehicles to entertainments at the fair. Both cars pass extremely close to the inflatable ‘bouncey castle’ – children are playing on the castle while the event took place. Nearby is also an ice-cream vending vehicle. Lines of children and their parents can be seen waiting for service while the police vehicles sweep past at speed.

The conditions were dry, dust can be seen being thrown up by the vehicles. Traction on the grassy surface was apparently negligible as the cars drift easily on the surface.

Aside from the propriety of police cars being used for this kind of purpose, serious questions should be asked about the judgment of the officers involved, their commanders who (presumably) authorised the event and the organisers of the school fair.

In New Zealand millions of dollars are spent on road safety messages. This kind of activity sends a mixed signal to children and the public. Minister Judith Collins would demand that these vehicles be confiscated and crushed if they were driven by private citizens, amongst other serious penalties.