Is Cunliffe making his move?

Audrey Young in today’s Herald talks about the up coming Labour caucus meeting which their rules say has to have a leadership vote. Could there be a leadership challenge on?

A few signs are pointing to one.

  1. Phil Goff has been invisible over the Christmas break, even a lowly blogger, one who Goff wouldn’t front with, managed to get more air-time than him.
  2. David “Silent T” Cunliffe has been missing in action on the economy. He has commented on the Tax Work Group recommendations. Perhaps he has spent his holidays mustering his forces and not focusing on his portfolio. Of course he could just be a lazy fuck.

The other sign that something is up is that my spies report that he is spending a great deal of time at the Hyatt gym with his personal trainer, traveling almost as far to train as his Luxury Herne Bay house is from his electorate. It is reported that “Silent T” is more and more fixating on his appearance anf fitness. Is he getting fit for the fight of his life and that of the Labour Party.

And why was Annette “Married to the Mob” King swanning around Sydney last week and filling her boots and frantically texting unknown persons in the Koru Club lounge waiting for the flight back. The constituents of Rongotai might wonder why their MP was troughing it up Sydney. I wonder who paid for that trip and if she flew Business Class. My spy is yet to report in on that one and the questions I requested the spy ask Annette “Married to the Mob” King.

The last and very important thing is why Audrey Young and other MSM don’t ask the obvious questions about Phil Goff.

Can Phil Goff retain Mt Roskill in 2011

Audrey clearly hasn?t looked at the numbers in Clevedon resident Phil Goff’s distant electorate of Mt Roskill.

National Party ????14,346 ????????BLUE, Jackie ???NAT ???12,197
Labour Party ????14,533 ????????GOFF, Phil ???LAB ???18,615

As you can see looking at the results from 2008, Labour narrowly beat National on the Party Vote, but Goff hammered both Labour & National?s Jackie Blue.

Just like the media kept asking John Howard if he was going to win Bennelong in the 2007 election, someone should ask Phil if he is going to win Mt Roskill in 2011 if the polls stay the same as they are now. A leader traveling the country is going to struggle if he is forced to fight for his own seat.

Before all you pro MMP pinkos start going on about the party vote being the thing that matters, losing your seat matters a lot because list MPs are scum. Resources and mana mean electorate MPs can pull up the party vote in their electorate.

If National got a decent candidate and ran a proper campaign every time Goff started bashing JK on something, JK could say ?Phil mate, are you going to win Roskill?? which would be very discouraging for Phil.

The wobbly signs of insurrection are there if you look, but fortunately for Goff it doesn’t seem that “Silent T” could organise a root in a brothel let alone a leadership challenge.