It was Ahmed

I am sure you have heard about the guy sitting on a bench over looking the olive grove in Turkey. The Sheep grazing under the trees when a tourist walks up and asks why the man is so melancholy.

Ahmed replies, “You see those beautiful painted boats down there in the harbour”

“Yes” replies the tourist.

“Well I painted those, but do you think they call me Ahmed the Boat painter? And do you see those white washed walls in the village?” Ahmed points down at the village.

“Yes, I was just admiring them” says the tourist.

“I painted them too, but do you think they call me Ishmael the house painter? See this olive grove?” says Ahmed as he waves his arms before him across the expanse of the grove.

“Yes, it must be very old’ says the tourist.

“It is” says Ahmed, “It has been in my family for 20 generations and we make the best olive oil around here, but do you think they call me the Ahmed the Oil maker?”

“I suppose not” says the tourist thinking this guy is way undervalued after? seeing all his industry.

Ahmed shakes his head and intones “But you fucka one leeetle sheep“.