Just following Russell's advice

There are a few, just a few mind, who think the stance I have taken on Name Suppression is bad. I think htey are just blinded by a personal and feral hatred of me as a blogger, a character if you, a brand even, rather than bothering to listen to the reasoning as to why we need to change the law.

However I am just doing what their ever loyal chief blogger Russell Brown tells me to do every night on Television with his participation in the It’s Not Ok programme. being the conscientious blogger that I am, I went to the website and found some interesting things. The website and campaign that Russell Brown endorses.

Here is what they say about community involvement:

It is everyone?s business

You can be part of changing the way New Zealanders think and act about family violence. There are things that you can do right now to make a difference:

  • Take action to make your neighbourhood safe. Get to know your neighbourhood. Talk to your neighbours so that everyone knows what to do if they become aware of family violence or how to help families who are stressed and in need of support.
  • Make your own family safe and violence free. Think about how you want your family to be and the values that you want your children to learn about relationships. Talk with your family about these issues.
  • Speak out when you see and hear things that you are concerned about. Talk about behaviour that you see in the community, reported in the news, in magazines or shown on television. Write letters and articles for your local newspaper. Make your opinions known in your workplace, sports club or social groups.
  • Know who can help. Find out about agencies and community groups that deal with family violence in your community. Support their work.Use your community networks. You don?t have to take action alone. Think about what your church, school, club or workplace could do to support families to be free from violence. This might be introducing a ?no violence? policy, helping families to access the support they need, or getting behind local community events and campaigns to prevent family violence.

Bullet points 3-6 are particularly pertinent. So the next time a lefty abuses me know that I am just doing what Russell Brown tells me to. Name Suppression simply helps Abusers maker excuses.