Labour provides another incentive to stay on welfare

I know the Pinko posted on this the other day from the perspective that Labour keeps on coming up with eat the rich style policies.

But I had a bit more of a think about it and it isn’t so much and eat the rich policy, it is really a Labour Party incentive to keep people on Welfare. They like the carrot and stick approach. The carrot is you get to keep your state subsidised subsistence living and in order to pay for it they smack the rich as hard as they can in every which way they can think of.

Unfortunately Darien “Smackhead” Fenton must have been have a downer day because she can’t have thought that through too hard. In order to determine the fine levels there would have to be unprecedented sharing of data between IRD and enforcement authorities, and almost you would have to introduce some sort of identity card system for people to show Police officers or the courts at the time of fining.

I think the identity card system is the way they would go because like all good socialists they like to control things. So the government would snoop into all of your business, ascertain what category you fit into and then issue identity cards. I think they should probably use a system like credit cards.

You know, brown or green (plain and boring in any case) for peasants broken arses state sustained in the bottom tax bracket, Gold for second to top tax bracket (though the Pensionsers with Winston’s Gold card may get upset) and Platinum for the people in the top tax bracket.

Of course they could fall back on the old tried and true labeling system, armbands or or badges sewn onto clothing. the rich maybe should have to wear dollar signs on their sleeve. This would assist in a number of ways. Readily identify those for the cops o pick on for issuing fines, revenues would go up immensely as the cops shift policing to on the rich, they really commit all the crimes anyway don’t they? Secondly it would allow the peasants broken arses state sustained folk to identify rich folks to rob and bash, after all they won’t mind, they have plenty and the peasants broken arses state sustained have a free pass, if they need something they can just take it.

On second thoughts maybe Darien got her hands on some primo junk.