Lazy Blogging

Listing links to other blogs is lazy, but according to the nice caring leftwing I’m a bludger and so this post wouldn’t really be out of character.

Cactus Kate returns from holiday and proceeds to upset every ethnicity known to man in describing her alcohol fueled sun and fuck-fest.

Rocky gets her knickers well in a twist and knotted as well as stuck right up her bum. Must be having her period. The nice caring socialists seem to have taken to calling me by half of my full name.

Keeping Stock notes why Tony “Wardrobe” Ryall was inspired in not attending the WHO conference.

The Poms have spent USD2.5 million on new 7.62mm Rifles when they could have dusted of some SLR’s to engage the Taliban at long range.

A dumbass off duty cop wore a sidearm while attempting to have an MRI. I guess he didn’t know the ‘M’ part means Magnetic.

Malcolm Harbrow likes Simon Bridges’ law to crack-down on animal cruelty, that is until he works out Simon is a National MP. More to the point he probably just likes the crack-down part.

BoingBoing has a video of the most useless machine ever. It just turns itself off.

Cat freaks should get an iPhone.

MacDoctor was incredibly prescient with his predictions last year.