M.P. of the Month Award

MP of the Month

Well it is, if you will excuse the pun, that time of the month. We have run through January with little news save some guy going on about name suppression. I have gone back through my posts and checked out the nominations for MP of the Month.

The nominees are:

[drumroll]….Sorry we have to go to an ad break, we will be right back soon.


[drumroll]…And the winner is Simon Bridges. Not only was he the only Government MP who got a frontpage in between all my ones, but he has managed to get John Key to pick up his private members bill before the bill even gets to the ballot.

There was one honourable mention: Jeanette “Compo” Fitzsimons for finally dragging her useless sorry ass out of th house and skulking off to retirement.

Simon, please let me know your shirt size so a WOBH Polo Shirt can be sent to you.

Because this is right wing blog it is only fitting if we have Winners that there also are Losers.

MP Loser of the Month: Plenty to choose from here, it was like they were all competing for this award but there can only be one and so the MP loser of the Month Award goes to Trevor “Tiger” Mallard for conduct unbecoming an MP. He get’s the award for constantly abusing anyone who moves in front of his nose. He did a post on me calling me an idiot and then promptly got smacked by Clare Curran and he also gave Metiria Turei a serve, which she responded to and then when he lost the battle he de-friended her on Facebook and then petulantly wrote a pathetic excuse making himself look miserable and a onanist. I get the feeling that “Tiger” is trying for a clean sweep of this award. “Tiger, let me know your shirt size so you can receive a Polo Shirt too, and no, Puffed up isn’t a valid size.

Min?is?ter of the Month: -? for the Minister/Opposition Front?bencher that has per?formed the best/achieved the most in the?month. Again there can only be one and the only Minister or Opposition Frontbencher who performed well this month was none other than Judith “Crusher” Collins by getting the Three Strike Law underway, over the top of squeals of indignation by Simon “FIGJAM” Power. Honourable mention to Rodney “Tango” Hide too for putting this together with Crusher.

Min?is?te?r?ial Loser of the Month ? for the Minister/Opposition Front?bencher that has made the biggest cock-up in the?month. So many choices…who to pick? who to pick? It has to be Phil “Seat Warmer” Goff. He has been in the job for over a year and watched his party slide ever backwards. He goes on a motorcycle tour around East Cape and no-one noticed and then he makes his key-note speech and announces that his big plan to to attack rich pricks and people who legally structure their affairs to mimimise the theft by the state tax that they pay, but in particular Senior Civil Servants and one third of his caucus. On top of that he either can’t or won’t reign in “Tiger” Mallard leading to constant speculation that he isn’t in control of anything except his bowels. Phil, again, let me know your shirt size so I can send you a WOBH Polo shirt.