Millie busted again

Millie Elder's nice new tattoo on her breastMille Elder has been busted again. Surprise, surprise. Clearly a case of celebrity justice here as she keeps getting bailed for crimes that others would be behind bars on remand for. She was busted with her live-in boyfriend (pictured left with Millie examine her new breast tattoo). In 10 years time I bet she regrets that tattoo, that is if she lives that long.

One thing I wish would happen is for “P” Holmes to drop the pretense he is a crusader against the drug which is destroying both him and his daughter. He spent $61,000 on a fundraiser with a heap of publicity for the B-Grade celebrities that attended and raised just $3000 from the tight-fisted pricks. They are as much a hypocrite as “P” Holmes is, drinking his piss and eating his food then gapping it before their wallets were taxed.

Then there is this utter crap and crocodile tears from “P” Holmes as well:

Holmes was last night devastated to learn his daughter had been in court the day before she lunched with him at Auckland’s Sale St bar just over a week ago. It was the first time the pair had met in a year.

“I was not aware,” he said. “It’s extremely distressing.”

He said he had been confused about what arrests had occurred and when.

Last week’s lunch with Millie was, he said, meant to be a private affair ? not splashed in the media.

Yeah right “P”, if you wanted a “private affair – not splashed over the media” then you more than anyone else would know that Sal St Bar was a piss poor choice of location. You may as well have invited the media to sit at the table. Normally a “private affair” meeting with your wayward daughter would be held at your house or maybe a picnic somewhere discreet, but by having your lunch at Sale St guaranteed media interest you putz.