National has unremarkable Cabinet shuffle

John Key has barely shaken the cards for his Cabinet re-shuffle. Sensibly he has taken Tertiary Education off Anne “The Closer” Tolley, especially now as the Teacher Unions have declared war against National Standards and League Tables. The portfolio has been handed to Steven “Cardinal Richlieu”Joyce, who is fast becoming John Key’s Bill Birch.

The only interesting thing is the preparation Nick “Quota” Smith for political neutering. It isn’t surprising for those who watch politics closely, with his bizarre behaviour at Copnehagen being spoken of in hushed tones. John Key has gone to the Minister who had the only positive result out of the farce of Copenhagen and appointed Tim “Allah” Groser as the? Minister for Climate Change International Negotiations. This is a not to subtle undermining of Nick “Quota” Smith whose time in parliament is likely to come to an ignomious end very shortly.

Which brings me to the topic of Climate? Change.

Now that Copenhagen is dead with China, the US and India saying naff off one has to wonder why we rushed into legislation the ill-conceived ETS. It should immediately be shelved. It is farcical to cripple out productive sectors with taxes that no-one in the rest of the world is ever likely to implement. More to the point it has emerged that Grass Fed cattle are actually better for the environment that grain fed cattle therefore putting our cattle and milk herds in the best position green wise, without doing a single thing.

It is ridiculous to now encumber our productive sector with an ETS. I will go further and suggest it is also ill-conceived to lumber the population with a carbon tax which no doubt that Pinko Farrar will suggest. We need less taxes not more. Ditch the ETS, it was Nick’s idea anyway, so blame him, and resist the urge to put in a carbon tax.

With the so-called science and IPCC shibboleths being destroyed daily, a cautionary wait and see approach would be best, oh and firing Nick “Quota” Smith.