Ode to National Penguin Awareness Day

Dead PenguinIn the US it is the National Penguin Day and here in New Zealand our very own penguin has finally earned his permanent banning from the VRWC with his NBR column article cut and paste praising Winston Raymond Peters, 64, Unemployed of Herne Bay*. Fortunately for us NBR has decided to put his arse-dribble behind the pay wall so most of us won’t have to read it.

The Whale’s spies however have provided the text of his most awful post to date and as a community service I will post it so you don’t have to pay NBR to read Farrar’s crap. Here is a question that Barry Colman could perhaps answer, Why would I pay to read Pinko Farrar when I can read most of the rest of what he thinks writes cuts and pastes for nothing? It is just gay that NBR pays him for cut and paste articles.

Still not as gay as Fossy’s truck though. Without further ado here is the post.

The relationship between New Zealand and the United States has not been this strong in over 25 years. Negotiations are on for a free trade agreement, the military exercise ban is all but defunct, the prime minister is off to Washington and the secretary of state would have visited New Zealand by now, if it were not for the disaster in Haiti.

So why are things so good between the Obama administration and the Key administration? Is it the rapport between Obama and Key? Is it the wooing of Hillary Clinton by Murray McCully?

Nope. While both may be factors, the majority of the credit goes to Winston Peters.

No, this is not a typo. Yes I think Winston was a scoundrel who achieved little in his career, and was deservingly booted out of Parliament in 2008. But one of the things he did do right, was focus on repairing the relation with the United States as foreign minister.

Winston served under a Labour prime minister, but he was effectively an independent foreign minister who set his own priorities. And number one was the US relationship. As he was not from the party that introduced the anti-nuclear law, and nor was he with a party that could repeal the law, Winston was able to say let?s put that to one side, and focus on why the United States needs a better relationship with New Zealand.

And Winston did not call on Anglo-Saxon collegiality or past support in Korea and Vietnam. He pointed out the US how important New Zealand is, in preventing failed states in the Pacific.

The South Pacific does not have a huge proportion of the world?s population ? barely 0.1% of the globe. However, it consists of 16 countries ? around 10% of the total in the world, and at various times many of them have been on the brink of being a failed state.

The United States does not like failed states, no matter how small. They can get exploited by money laundering terrorists. They can sell their votes at the UN to China or Taiwan. They can refuse to be part of essential global agreements.

We don?t trumpet this a lot, but there are basically two countries that spend a lot of time assisting or even intervening in Pacific states that are at risk of failing ? Australia and New Zealand. Australia, as the larger country, is an target of greater enmity from said states, so it is often New Zealand that has the ability to influence things, with less resistance.

This reality is a large part of what has led the United States to realise that hurt feelings over a 25 year old snub are not as important as the role that New Zealand plays in looking after this large, but lightly populated, area of the globe.

So while the current Government deserves credit for forging good personal links with the Obama Administration, and indeed with Obama himself, they did so on a platform built by the man they black-listed (for very good reasons lest we forget) from being a minister in a National-led Government. Rather ironic.

A “scoundrel”!!!! More like a lying, thieving, cheating, fraudulent, crook. A scoundrel is Hone Le Pen, a scallywag is Paul Quinn. Winston, in the famous words of Matthew Hooton, is also a “cunt”

*(girlfriend’s house)