Police State Starts Surveillance on The Whale

The Police have announced that they are monitoring my Website. Good Christ Almighty haven’t the got better things to do.

Police are keeping a watch on the controversial blog of Cameron Slater and they have referred his latest moves to Crown solicitors in Auckland.

The Solicitor General yesterday said he would not be pursuing charges against Mr Slater for his Whale Oil blog, which revealed the name of an alleged child sex offender by writing it in binary code.

Tell you what David Collins, charge me with contemp, So I can prove you are wrong in law and wrong in fact. I think you already know that because yuou have stated publicly and privately, yes I know what you say, that you are on a mission to prove that you can get a blogger.

Well Dr Colins I reckon if I could be got you woulda already. So monitor away and I’ll take a civil leberties case against you nosy interfering fuckwits.

If you had a fucking brain you would have already checked out my other involvements with the Police. Right now, right here I tell you that the help has ceased. Fuck you. Go and catch some real criminals.

Mr Winter said he had been in contact with the Auckland Police, and that the matter would be referred to them for consultation with the Crown Solicitor in Auckland.

He said Police would continue to monitor Slater’s website for any additional breaches.

Mr Winter said Mr Slater’s actions appeared to be in defiance of a court order, were irresponsible and could lead to the identification of the victim that the order was intended to protect.

Solicitor General David Collins said he supported the action taken by police.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister John Key voiced his disapproval for Mr Slater’s tactics.

Probably one of the reasons the Police couldn’t charge me with contempt of court was because John Winter can’t STFU. He still can’t and is busily now defaming me by saying I have done something that I patently did not do. I think this year is going to be very, very lucrative. First a Civil Rights case then a defamation case. Maybe even a case against David Collins to add the the three already against him for breaches of natural justice.

Instead of monitoring my website why don’t you deploy detectives to Timaru Port and watch that to see how that port has become the major import facility for precursor substances of methamphetamine. They don’t know this stuff because they couldn’t find a root in a brothel.