Quick file a Treaty Claim

I imagine the Maori liberal elite will see the possibility no mater how remote of extracting some cash from somewhere for some made up transgression against Maori with the latest claim from Avatar Director James Cameron.

The language of Avatar‘s Na’vi alien race is partially based on Maori, director James Cameron says.

Cameron and language expert Paul Frommer, of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, moulded the language, mixing Maori with European and African languages, The Press reported.

“The way that the language was created, it started off innocently enough as I was writing the script,” Cameron said.

“I came up with some place names and some character names and so on. You know, I was just sort of free associating, and I had been to New Zealand a few years ago and really liked the sound of the Maori language and some of the Polynesian form, so I put that in.”

At least one Maori academic sees this as a win for Maori, but I bet you he will be a loan voice.

Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology Maori faculty dean Hana O’Regan said the use of Maori was “impressive”.

“I am not too possessive over the language being used for something like that, which is something that some people might get disturbed about,” she said.

Good on him for introducing some sensibility into the debate.