School says name him

The School at the centre of the storm around all male teachers on the North Shore being branded vicariously through the action of a judge granting name suppression for a kiddy-fiddling teacher want the man named so that they can inform parents.

There is significant New Zealand and overseas research that says that by naming the offender it is likely to bring more victims forward enabling a slam dunk prosecution. For someone to reach the age this offender is he will have form at previous schools. Unfortunately the way the Teaching fraternity operates is that anytime some unsavoury details emerge they quietly resign and move with a glowing reference tucked in the pocket from a relieved principal who doesn’t have to deal with it.

Luckily the Principal of the school in this case is not prepared to stay quiet and neither is the BOT. Good on them. They should name him, they should post a letter to all student, not just for their peace of mind but for the 100’s of other parents who right now are contemplating whether to send their kids to school.

I have already fielded dozens of calls from worried parents. Name this man, he will have committed other offences, other victims may come forward. Give the parents of the North Shore peace of mind.

The Government must act. If they can change under urgency the defence of provocation because of one case and adopt a private members bill about animals (Well done Simon) then they sure as hell can move on this. The Public aren’t going to tolerate much more of this and I would bet I can find a suitable story every week from now till the election about inappropriate name suppression.

My suggestion to North Shore residents concerned about the safety of their child at school on Tuesday is call their local MP and lobby them to change the law so more victims aren’t created. If Simon “Just-in” Bridges, a newby backbencher, can get the ear of the PM about horrible treatment of animals to get an urgent law change then why can’t Simon “FIGJAM” Power do the same.

Right now it appears that the government cares more about animals and the rights of paedos than they do about potential victims of kiddy-fiddling teacher sickos.