Snitch calls me a Snitch

Colin Carruthers QC Deborah “Cougar” Coddington has basically labelled me a snitch with her tirade in the Herald on Sunday. I have no doubts in my mind that a large part of article was written by her partner Colin Carruthers QC.

She makes several egregious errors in her article, which of course is par for the course for Deborah Coddington.

She gets to write once a week, I get to write several times a day, guess who is going to win a slanging match?

Firstly I have not hidden behind my pseudonym, if I can be accused of doing such a thing it was to protect my father and family from the inevitable conclusions that he was telling me, a grown adult, to say and what to do. He doesn’t for the record, rather he tells me what I shouldn’t say and do and rather too frequently for my liking but he is simply doing the revers and trying to protect his son through wise counsel.

Secondly it wasn’t just the wonderful David Farrar that outed Kees Keizer, in fact it was me then David, well actually we both did it but I claimed the scalp. Even the Standard admits it was me as they keep pointing out in a bid to discredit me becauae I allegedly “worked” for the National Party. That’s funny you know because they hate the Herald, they hate the Heralds writers as somehow being in the pay of big business ad National yet they parrot the incorrect and out of context words of one of their repeaters as though they were gospel, and now Coddington is doing the same.

Of course she doesn’t comment on Carolyn Meng-Yee (HoS repeater). I found out the identity of who the “ex-MP” from her article, I merely confirmed it by talking with the court who happily told me the answer.

She also doesn’t acknowledge the fact that I remain un-charged on the ex-MP case. The Solicitor-General David Collins, and the Regional Commander mouthed off about how evil I was and then blinked. If they coulda they woulda. They didn’t. David Collins has made no secret of his loathing for bloggers, except of course the pinko Farrar who is described as “responsible” by Collins.

They should know by now exactly how responsible David is through tapping my phone. What the Police and people like David Collins and snippy old tarts like Coddington don’t get is that we don’t do blogging for money, nor for anything else other than “fomenting happy mischief”. It is fun and we enjoy it. It is our plaything something the repeaters and journalists (blessed few of those) seem to have forgotten in allowing their freedom of speech to be curtailed by an expanding judiciary and nancy boy pooftah lawyers scared of their own farts than actually getting to the bottom of stories and issues.

Colin Carruthers QC Deborah Coddington neglects to remind her readers that she made money by being snitch, by writing several books listing sex offenders, some of whom had name suppression, but she saw that as her write to out them in several editions. Pot Kettle Black Colin Deborah.