Some Name Suppression discussions

The first is a post from Stephen Franks about Name Suppression when he was an ACT MP. Hmm perhaps I will call him as an expert witness.

The current general principle is that the names of persons accused of criminal offenses should be published unless there is good cause to suppress them.

However, the courts have paid too much regard to factors such as: social, financial, and professional consequences for the defendant and to family members, employers, employees, and even acquaintances, claimed harm to the mental or physical health of an offender or close family member and a balancing of the seriousness of the offence against the effect of publication. These factors mean that the offender can gamble on evading publicity.

ACT considers that instead of the Judge taking account of the bad effect of publicity on a criminal?s occupation, the criminal should take that into account before deciding to offend. It is not fair on others in ?privileged? occupations to leave the public suspicious that bad members are being sheltered.

I trust that is still ACT policy. Perhaps Rodney could clarify that.

The next is a Youtube Video of an interview last year with Russell Brown, yes I know he has a whiny annoying voice and is a sanctimonious prick, but he makes some good points that Simon “FIGJAM” Power should take note of considering his ill-considered statement that he wants to look at controlling access to information. Something I will fight with every bone in my body. The constabulary would do well to listen as well, though there are multi-syllable words used.