Talking up a failure

Customs are singing from the roof tops about how successful their year has been and how they have dented the work of P Dealers.

For the first time, Customs has seized more than one tonne of the ingredient used to make the drug P in a single year.

The one tonne mark was passed in November, and 1.29 tonnes of pseudoephedrine had been intercepted by the end of December.

Customs Minister Maurice Williamson said the milestone highlighted Customs’ good work at the border but also underlined the determination of drug smugglers.

“2008 was a record year for intercepting precursors and the provisional figures now show that 2009 surpassed 2008 by over 66 per cent,” said Mr Williamson.

Yeah good one, If Customs thinks that 1.2 tonnes of pseudoephedrine is a good haul then they are much mistaken. I would hazard a reasonably educated guess that an amount of 1.2 tonnes would be perhaps about 1 per cent of what was actually imported.

He said the amount of pseudoephedrine seized last year was enough to manufacture at least 246kg of methamphetamine, or ‘P’, which would cause the community about $138.6 million dollars of harm, compared with $83 million the year before and $33 million five years ago.

Whoopie! Customs stopped 246 kilos of Meth being made. I’ve personally seen someone who was a flea in whatever organisation he was in sitting in a viaduct apartment with a kilo of meth on the coffee table and million bucks in cash. Now how many more people like him are out there. Got the drift.

They aren’t scratching the surface, they know it and still they talk up what is in reality a pathetic effort in the whole scheme of things.

One thing you know for sure is a lie is the claim that they are hurting the dealers. That is just patent nonsense. If the supply was constricted then the price of a “point” would be higher, it is actually cheaper than a year ago. That is economics 101. Don’t believe them when they say it is more expensive, it just isn’t.