Telling off deficient teachers

Labour Labor in Australia on this issue at least is showing up New Zealand Labour on how to deal with dead-beat teachers.

TEACHERS identified as underperformers by the Government’s new school rating system should expect to be roused at by disgruntled parents, the Education Minister, Julia Gillard, says.

The My School website, to be launched on Thursday, will allow parents to compare schools and will have enough data to pinpoint specific subject areas of underperformance, potentially identifying the responsible teachers.

Right, so in Australia “league” tables will be available for all to see and not only that they will published online.

Following a briefing on the website yesterday, Ms Gillard told the Herald the Government welcomed the fact that the website would empower parents to badger school staff to lift standards. ”We would expect parents to have robust conversations with teachers and principals,” she said.

Ms Gillard said teachers were already trained to deal with complaints on parent-teacher nights. Now, parents would be armed with even more information with which to complain.

”This should put pressure on people,” Ms Gillard said.

Meanwhile back here in NZ? our Labour Party wants no part in anything like this, in fact they have tried along with their union mates? to have any performance data made more secret than even SIS files by not making the information subject to the OIA. Labour have also said it will repeal any law that National has in place. Further our Teachers unions are saying that they will simply refuse to implement government policy.

Julia Gillard in Australia has different ideas saying that more than $2 billion has been earmarked towards addressing disadvantaged schools, improving teaching standards and lifting literacy and numeracy standards. Of course in order to know which schools are failing you have to measure them and so you end up with league tables. But in measuring them you can also track progress. If you don’t know where you started from how do you know if you are improving?

”We’re going to shine a light on some schools that need a helping hand and we are ready to work in partnership with those schools with new money and new programs,” she said.

The website will publish a range of information, including national test results, student and staff numbers, and attendance rates for each of the nation’s almost 10,000 schools.

Each school will be graded using a colour-coded system on its national tests performance in the areas of reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation, and numeracy for years 3, 5, 7 and 9.

Each school will be compared with about 60 other schools that cater to ”statistically similar” student populations, according to a specially developed Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage. Each school will also be compared against the national average.

Very simple, let’s get on and do it here and tell Labour and the Unions to stop trying to protect the useless, the indolent and the stupid. Tell Labour and the Unions that in a modern world there is no place for mediocrity.