Testy Tiger de-friends Metiria

Oh Dear, Shane “Five Chins” Jones is pissing off the Maori Party and Now Tiger is throwing insults at the Greens. I think we can be assured that Labour will “go it alone” as a strategy for the next election. Just waiting fro Creepy Cosgrove to slander Jim Anderton and the insult chain will be complete.

Now I don’t support Metiria’s politics at all but credit where credit is due she knows Social Media better than most MPs and certainly a lot better that Tiger Mallard whose little tanty has now made it a story. I just bet that “Cut and paste is readying a post just as soon as he finished his Boss Burger combo he had for afternoon tea.

Here is the exchange that lead to Tiger Mallard de-friending Metiria Turei on Facebook:

Trevor Mallard: 25c/hour. $10 week for 40 hours then minus tax, extra acc, ets charges. Not fair John Key. It should be $15.

Metiria Turei: Trevor, with genuine respect, my question is why didn?t you do it when you had the chance? It has been the right thing to do for years.

Trevor Mallard: We moved it from $7 to $12. Trajectory would have had it at $14. Not much real help from you guys esp since Russel started cuddling tories.

Metiria Turei: Getting personal wont help here ? this is a political debate about the use of power when you have it to weild.
I agree that the minimum wage did rise under Labour. Even if the trajectory, in the best of circumstances, would have had it at $14 in 2010, it was still a slow process over nearly 10 years.
The issue now is to make sure that we have a political commitment from parties that the minimum wage will go to at least $15 ph or to, as the petition says, ?66% of the average total hourly earning as defined in the Quarterly Employment Survey?. We need a commitment to kepp closing that gap in the short and long term and a commitment fairly sharing the cost of eliminating poverty.

Trevor Mallard: Metiria the txts and phones are running hot at your choice to attack Labour rather than Nats on multiple sites on this issue ? general disbelief ? from both Greens and Labour people. This is politics not personal.

Metiria Turei: We have to live with our legacies and its hard sometimes.
Its not unreasonable to ask what the barriers to doing the right thing was in the past and whether those barriers will still be in place in the future. What we need now is positive future focused commitments.

Trevor Mallard: Metiria Cant tell if you are trying to be cute or smart or what. I am very proud of the progress Labour made on the minimum wage. Took it from $7 to $12. Way way ahead of inflation and change in average wages.
Worked closely with Sue Bradford on the youth issue. And she knew how to work on an issue wither there was broad agreement and it didn?t involve repeating the very lines the National party used to attack Labour as you have done tonight.

I love a good cat fight. Points win to Metiria for keeping her cool. Is anyone else loving Trevor playing with blogs? I sure am…comedic gold almost every day.