The fixation of Labour and stalking

The Labour party and their functionaries and enablers at The Standard just cannot get past the fact that they deeply believe that John Key is a dirty rotten crook. So much so that they have had one of their supporters suggest a Magnum PI and Higgins led operation to stalk John Key and that the Labour Party funds such and operation.

My Labour Party sources tell me that Mike Williams remains fixated on the H-Fee case and continues to this day to rummage through the boxes of files he brought back from Australia, muttering to anyone who will listen that he’ll find something there, it is just a matter of time. Bear in mind that Mike Williams was also behind the well publicised server move and subsequent outing of The Standard as a Labour mouthpiece. They continue to this day remain to be fixated on John Key as their tag cloud shows.

One of their commentors has also got a fixation and has said just recently in a post, yet again, about John Key being on holiday in Hawaii:

i wish the standard had enough cash to send someone after Key on his hollidays [sic] to snoop around in Hawaii. what the hell does he do there anyhow? i hope it?s all savory activities. no strip clubs etc?. if he were going to indulge in anything that offends ?mainsteam NZ? he sure as hell wouldn?t be doing it in Wellington.

at the very least an expat NZ asset could be developed to keep tabs on him.

Now roger nome thinks he say such things as this be he thinks he is relatively anonymous, but since I have an awful lot more traffic at this time I think it would be good for readers to know that this nasty individual is actually Phillip John Mason, a post-graduate student at Otago University and resident of Dunedin. This is the same guy who made defamatory comments about David Farrar on his Wikipedia page as an act of wanton vandalism.

The fact that Mike Williams and other Labour Party stalwarts and supporters continue to fixate on John Key and their deeply held belief that he is a dirty crook when all evidence presented thus far and before us in the public domain suggests that John Key is as shallow as a carpark puddle, suggests that Labour isn’t ready yet to move on and hasn’t realised it was this sort of subterfuge that was one of the 1000 cuts that brought them undone.

For some-one to suggest a Magnum PI and Higgins type operation, perhaps with the help of TC and his helicopter against John Key is highly likely to get someone killed. As a head of state holidaying in the United States it is likely that John Key would have Secret Service protection.