The tragedy of SFNS strikes again – claims two

HB Today has a sad article about a Dad who has lost his wife and one of his kids with another in critical care.

This I’m afraid was an accident waiting to happen. Three people with SFNS in close proximity to each other, the only thing worse would have been if they also had a day-walker as a passenger.

With one child fighting for his life in hospital, Mason Te Nahu was in tears of agony over how he would tell his surviving daughter her mummy and little brother were dead.

Mr Te Nahu was with his 6-year-old daughter Shaziah at Hawke’s Bay Hospital last night while her brother Ezekiel battled for life in Auckland’s Starship Hospital.

Shaziah and Ezekiel were injured in Thursday’s horror crash that claimed the lives of Mr Te Nahu’s ex-partner Bobbi-Jo Tua, 26, and his son Elijah, 5.

Police now believe Ms Tua was undertaking a u-turn when she was struck by an unladen stock truck on Longlands Rd, Hastings.

It’s sad, but could so easily have been avoided.