The World's First Suicide-Bomber Comedy

Bwahahahaha this is going to be hilarious, only the poms could do this. Brass Eye satirist Chris Morris? debut as a movie director is a movie/comedy about suicide bombers.

There is a list of ten facts about the movie:

1.?Described as?doing for the modern face of terrorism “what “This Is Spinal Tap” did for heavy metal and “Dr Strangelove” the Cold War, Four Lions tells the story of a group four wannabe suicide bombers from the North of England.

2.?Morris is said to have completed the script for the film in 2008, following three years of research, which included speaking to terrorism experts, police, the secret service and imams as well as ordinary Muslims.

3.?The script also features the talents of Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, best known for their work on Channel 4?s Peep Show.

4.?The cast includes?Gavin and Stacey star Julia Davis, and long-time Morris collaborator Kevin Eldon, who is said to play the part of an incompetent anti-terror police officer.

5.?Primarily shot on location in Sheffield, it?s also rumoured that the Swiss Alps were also used instead of Pakistan for a terrorist training camp scene.

6.?Key scenes from the film are said to include a farcical suicide bomb plot at a Sheffield fun run that sees the bombers dressed in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle outfits.

7.?The film is set to get its world premiere later this month at the Sundance Festival, where it?s in the running for the World Cinema Narrative prize.

8.?The film was allegedly turned down by the BBC for being too controversial, before Film Four took on the project alongside Warp Films.

9.?In order to raise funds for the film, Morris offered fans the opportunity to be extras in return for donations to its production costs.

10.?Despite the film?s contentious subject matter, Morris seems undeterred by the hullabaloo that will inevitably greet the movie. “Most of us would dearly love to laugh in the face of our worst fears?, he says. ?Why aren’t we laughing at terrorists? Because we didn’t know how to, until now.”