This bloke is in the wrong party but could MP of the year

Kelvin “Little School” Davis is a good bloke, just in the wrong party. He has a post on the Foreshore and Seabed Repeal that is actually, for a Labour guy, worth reading.

We need more Maori to say this, and people should be dropping ten bucks in the collection tin for Kelvin’s election campaign even if he is on the wrong side.

While we are talking about honesty in politics the other day “Honest” Hone Harawira also hit out at Maori iwi leadership, saying many were now more focused on corporate activity and profit than caring for their people.

“Great things are happening in corporate development but what about social work? Our people are starving, our children can’t read, they can’t write or count.”

Very hard to argue about that. That fella might be coarse but he does say some sensible things. It certainly would be refreshing if mo0re Maori leaders spoke up like these two. The sad part about Kelvin’s post is that Maori are in this position despite endlessly voting for Labour. But what has labour actually delivered for Maori. Many more Maori are waking up to the fact that there are other options other than the condescending, latent racism of the Labour Party.