Tiger's Internet Addiction

Quite a few times in the past week Tiger Mallard has got himself in a spot of bother with his growing internet addiction.

The Whale’s spies in Goff’s office tell me that they are concerned with his addiction and his dropping off in workload? in other areas as a result.

It’s strange really because Tiger really seems to be the only senior Labour MP presently awake at the wheel. Even if that alertness is the best entertainment on the net right now. Tiger is really does seem to has his y-fronts in a twist and is spending more and more time locked away in a dark room muttering about the indignity of being in opposition. It might explain his creepy fixation with all things Cactus.

Speaking of entertainment, it seems some MPs are finding coming to grips with Social Media, Tiger especially after de-friending Metiria “Tiki” Turei. What a pompous ass him talking about watching her behaviour. Tiger is the worst behaved of all MPs and now without Goff reigning him in or Helen wagging her finger at him he goes off like a loose cannon frequently.

Some of the problems with Social Media and publicly available MPs is the posting of photos. One of the better MPs at maintaining his Facebook profile in something other than a sanitised version of the local rag is Simon “Just-in” Bridges. However he isn’t immune as you can see from this comment on a post about opening an Indian Sweat Sweet Shop.

“Crusher” Collins looks like she has a good sense of humour too by joining the Fan page of “Always Blow on the Pie”. Good to see the police minister supporting one of her own.

Crusher Collins is a Fan of "Always blow on the pie"