We know they don't have souls but do they have friends?

Today was Mum’s Birthday. We went and had fish and chips at Mission Bay for dinner. It was beautiful evening and a cruise-liner went out as we watched. I wouldn’t want to embarrass readers by telling you how much that cost to organise.

While we were there a Ginga Day-Walker came down to the beach with all his friends. That’s right, he was alone. He set up on the beach and quite literally everyone with in 15 metres of him moved. It was like there was this force sucking the souls from people that drove them to escape. I took a photo unsure if Ginga Day-Walkers could be captured on film. Turns out they can. As you can see there is no-one on the beach near him. People walking on the beach detoured around him.


Ginga Day-walker with his friends