Why I want change

One of the main reasons? I want some change on name suppression is that often sex offenders who name suppression ostensibly to protect victims (which we both know doesn?t work) also have court orders preventing them or restricting them from approaching children, areas where children are located like schools and playgrounds.

Now this is where name suppression has the potential and in fact real possibility of causing even more harm.

As the public has no right to know who these people are how then are we to know that the fellow over there by the playground is in fact a convicted or accused kiddy-fiddler and is not allowed to be there. The police surely can?t monitor the person 24/7. Because of name suppression he can happily stalk children with no-one having the ability to wander over and suggest perhaps he might like to go elsewhere lest the authorities be informed of his breach of bail or parole conditions.

We can?t do that simply because the establishment have decided that we as the public have no right to know in case we further victimise the victims????

Instead we create the possibility that we create even more victims.

Sexual Offenders never have done it just the once, they are habitual.