Worse than Fritzl

Israeli police arrest cult leader suspected of keeping harem. There is some competition for ya Tiger.

Israeli police have arrested a suspected cult leader who is believed to have fathered dozens of children by as many as 30 women. He is being held on suspicion of rape, slavery and incest.

Wow, I didn’t think it was possible for someone to be more heinous than Fritzl but it looks like it is.

Goel Ratzon, 59, brainwashed the women into staying with him in squalid, overcrowded flats in Tel Aviv, police claimed, following a seven-month undercover investigation.

Mr Ratzon was arrested on Tuesday, when police raided three apartments, where they found 17 women and 39 children.

Police said they have since kept him away from TV cameras for fear he may send secret messages, ordering the women to hurt themselves.

Two women were arrested on suspicion that they co-operated with Mr Ratzon or witnessed his alleged crimes. The 15 others were transferred to homes for abused women along with their children.

His “wives” were not allowed to communicate with men, eat meat, smoke, drink alcohol or dress immodestly, according to a rulebook found in one of the flats.

They would be fined if they argued, gossiped or asked Mr Ratzon where he was going. The children, who all bear Mr Ratzon’s first name, which means “saviour” in Hebrew, were expected to kiss his feet when he visited.

That sounds ust a little bit tougher than keeping the family in line.