Yeltsin Douglas endorses Jew Hater

David Farrar has a rather tame post about ACT VP candidate Kevin Campbell making derogatory comments about John Key’s Jewish heritage.

Kevin Campbell is also running around saying that Roger “Yeltsin” Douglas is endorsing his candidature.

Frankly anyone endorsed by the Boris Yeltsin of New Zealand politics deserves a right good smacking. What a tosser putting an endorsement by Yeltsin on his brochure.

Clearly this twat needs to rejoin Labour from whence he came

And my sources tell me that this is just another play at failing at a leadership coup by Yeltsin against Hide. Campbell and another tosser by the name of Tashkoff are always moaning worse than a whore who has been short changed.

Well getting the support of Yeltsin, who couldn?t count to three at the latest attempted coup is like having Pol Pot endorse your nomination for the Nobel peace prize.

They are traitors and should be carded.

In National if some tosser went around claiming the support of an MP they wouldn?t get within a bulls roar of a nomination. Party members do not like being instructed how to vote by the parliamentary wing and it almost always ends in ignominious failure for the poseur.

Here is a video of Roger Douglas hard at work on his next book ? Finishing my Business

PS I am not an ACT party member

PPS Note to DPF when putting a hit on actually hit the target. Don’t gum them like Nana with her teeth out.