4 more charges

I have received 4 more charges, by email of all things.

They are for the Dirty Teacher, the Dirty Doctor and the ex-MP.

I’m not sure the summons is legal though because it was delivered by email. The Summary Proceedings Act doesn’t specify that email is a valid method of service.

I’d like to thank the Solitor-General, the Detectives and the Judges involved in laying these charges two four days before my next court date, I will now get far more coverage and be able once again to highlight the stupidity of the system and the Law. I’d also like to thank FIGJAM for waiting to amend the law because he didn’t want a “certain blogger to take the credit” when that should really go to the Minister of Justice.

That is now 9 charges just one more to go before I hit double figures.

Email from Marcia Murray