A nice email from an idiot

This is an email I got last night. Quite amusing really.

from: Ross T Smith <[email protected]>
sender-time Sent at: 12:40 AM. ?
to [email protected]
date Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 9:55 AM

Have you blocked me you? fucking jerk?……………..Post the following under Climate Change Roundup?will you or are the only who is allowed to constantly abuse and call others fuckwits? What’s good for the goose is surely good the gander you tub of lard. Hahhahahahahahahahah at first glance I thought your site was attracting more comments. 36 for this post????????????? Of the thirty six nineteen have been hidden by you blubberoil or are your mental patients tanty replies. In any event it should be abundantly clear to you by now that normal folk don’t give a shit about your dopey crusade to have the penalties for breaching mane suppression made more severe.