A question for the farming types

I am back in Auckland now after my trip to Wellington, Martinborough and New Plymouth. As I was driving around the countryside i noticed something I haven’t seen before. Predominantly it was in the Wairarapa and north of Levin.

In some of the fields there was a green plant growing, no not grass, be patient, the grass fields were scorched tan by the sun but these fields were very verdant.

The plant has big shiny leaves, I couldn’t see if there was a protruding root to suggest it was a beet of some sort. But it is nagging at me.

For a start how the hell do Google search, green plant growing on field and feed to stock?

Generally I am pretty aware of what goes on down the farm, but this isn’t something I have seen before and I suspect it is some sort of drought protection feedstock. Anyway would love to know what the cattle and sheep were munching on, they seemed to be enjoying it.