Ambulance chasing backfires

Politicians are often wont to use piggy back off of tragic family circumstances to labour a point or to have a swipe at one policy or another. Sometimes that backfires spectacularly, but that is to be expected when you go chasing ambulances or in this case hearses.

The Member for Mars, Catherine Delahunty, has been caught a beauty in trying to have a swipe at ACC and WINZ. She recounts the tragic story of a bloke who died then regurgitates the cry-baby story of his “wife”. Except she isn’t his wife and she told lies.

His children then wade into the debate and set upon Delahunty and other panty-waist Greens bemoaning the evil state apparatus.

Essentiially the daughter of the dead guy says his missus, not his still legally wife is a liar and been sucking off the public tit in various ways.

Go read the comments.