And so it has come to pass

The Rhode Island school Superintendent Frances Gallo has fired the entire staff of Central Falls Senior High School. Why? Well that makes for interesting reading considering the stance teachers are taking here over national standards.

All 74 teachers at Rhode Island’s failing Central Falls Senior High School will be fired, the school district’s Board of Trustees decided tonight.

A failing Rhode Island high school has voted to lay off all 88 of its teachers.

The vote came after weeks of debate on how school Superintendent Frances Gallo believed the school, one of the poorest performing in the state, could be improved.

Gallo announced earlier this month that she would have no choice but to propose firing all the teachers after the Central Falls Teachers Union refused to accept her improvement plan.

The plan called for longer school days and after-school tutoring by the teachers, among other things. The plan was spurred by Rhode Island Education Commissioner Deborah Gist’s mandate last month that the high school, as well as six other schools in the state, revamp their institutions.

I know the numbers strangely don’t match but all is all so the numbers don’t really matter. The point is that the school was failing and the superintendent of Education wanted to make some changes to try and save the school. The teachers and their union opposed it. They opposed it because they cared more about themselves than about their students. It is nice to see that the Board of Trustees and the Education superintendent care for the children, because no union ever will.