Another Telecom Fail

Telecom is trouble, deep trouble. Last night the 111 system in Auckland failed.

Telecom spokesman Mark Watts says this morning’s 111 emergency calls system failure “shouldn’t have happened” and is “a bad look” after the company’s recent repeated XT failures.

The 111 system failed in the greater Auckland area around 3.30am this morning, with some callers unable to reach police, fire and ambulance.

Mr Watts said customers in west Auckland may still be experiencing problems but the 111 system has now been fixed for the rest of Auckland.

This is bad for Telecom. Either their software change management procedures and their software stress testing are crap or there is something else.

One hypothesis is industrial sabotage. It sounds far fetched I know but I was talking to a long-time Telecom associate plus several staffers well above the tools level. They were saying it is just one hit after another and they are inexplicable. The network sits there ticking along nicely and then all of a sudden gets taken out. If it was software it would be everywhere. If it was hardware it would either be isolated to a dud node or it would be everywhere. Now don’t get me wrong here, I have zero love for Telecom having sold against them and their anti-competitive practices for more than a few years, I am not making excuses for them, just suggesting a hypothesis.

It isn’t unreasonable to suggest that someone is actually doing the damage on behalf of parties unknown. Nevertheless no-one has done more damage to the shareholders wealth in Telecom than Helen Clark and Michael Cullen, though that will be exceeded soon if they can’t fix/find the errors.

F**k Telecom

F**k Telecom