Bollard is right

Alan Bollard is right. Given the existing policies and state of the government sector we have zero chance of making in roads to catch Australia let alone trying to catch them. Unless drastic changes it ain’t going to happen.

New Zealand continues to live beyond its means, and “Karori” Bill English continues to read Treasury reports about the Treasury reports about the Treasury reports he asked for.

And why would we expect anything else. If you we keep on doing the same old things over and over we will keep on getting the same old thing over and over. Then of course are the mental patients residing in Labour. They think that raising the minimum wage is the way to catch Australia, well that is such a good idea then lets raise all the way up to Australia right now. Yeah see its dumb isn’t it. Far better to remove the minimum wage altogether.

We need to be bold not timid, we need to be strong to resist spendthrifts and wastrels and most importantly we need to act. Smiling and Waving ain’t going to get us there.