Bureaucrat Speak – Step Change


step change
step changes

step change (plural step changes)

  1. A way that politicians, crawlers and bureaucrats can appear to support change without actually knowing exactly what they are talking about and as a result do nothing.
  • The report, stark and uncompromising, marks a step change in Europe’s own role in pushing for international action to combat climate change, as it will be used in a bid to commit the EU to ambitious new targets for cutting emissions of greenhouse gases. – The Independent, 10/01/07

Ok I’ve had enough of this bullshit phrase. It is meaningless, obvious thought up by some backroom report writer to say nothing in particular.

It is used twice in one day alone on Red Alert. John key used it in his speech and so has Anne Tolley.

Probably some wonk wrote “Quantum Leap” and his Brown Cardy wearing boss remembered that was a stink T.V. show. So they had a meeting to form a focus group and had a group bonding weekend at a Palmerston North Motel, brainstormed, couldn’t come up with anything themselves so put the creation of a replacement term out to Tender which was won by a PR firm who looked up Quantum Leap on Wikitionary and saw that the phrase de rigeur was now Step Change. They then sent a $500,000 to the department of policy wonks to pay.