Chris Carter and the Ferry

Cruising Chris CarterCrusin’ Chris Carter is a disgrace. In the TV3 video he stumbles and reveals the real issue that everyone including Boag are trying to cover up. In the video he says “The reality is I said don’t send…don’t divert the ferry”

That is as may be but the main issue here is that today was friday – a workday.

Isn’t he the MP for Te Atatu? What’s he doing spending friday at his bach in Waiheke rather than holding a clinic or opening a new factory etc in his electorate ???

Especially since he hasn’t been in Te Atatu (or NZ) for most of the year.

Further where is his report on the election in gay un-friendly St Kitts and Nevis.

The sad reality is that Chris Carter is the Te Atatu Trougher and can’t see what is wrong with light tripping off the fairy ferry dressed like a child done up from T&T kidswear when he should have been working for the people of Te Atatu and dressed more like the 50 something man girly-man he is.