Court Update

My appearances are getting shorter. Yesterday I was informed that the Crown was trying to add bail onto my charges. This was ultimately doomed to failure because you can’t add bail with custodial provisions onto a summary charge with no custodial sentence. This morning as I enetered court I found that they had had a re-think after a very strongly worde3d discussion with my lawyer.

I plead not guilty to all five charges and was remanded at large for another three weeks when we will have a status hearing.

Lastly I have been informed that another two charges will laid for The North Shore Teacher and the Nelson person of National Significance. Pffft, what happened to the contempt charges, well nothing, if they coulda they woulda is my opinion, but they can’t.

I shall continue on, I am sure another meddling Judge will help the cause at least three more times in the next three weeks.