Crim-cuddlers should just shut up

The DomPost reports that Tasers are helping in many situations with calming down perps.

The Taser is saving lives, and many criminals are simply surrendering at the sight of it, police say.

Nine people were shot with a Taser in its first year of use and some incidents were so violent, the offender could have been shot with a firearm, if the stun gun had not been available. Police policy is to shoot at the torso.

A tenth person was tasered in Johnsonville on Friday.

That is so funny. Before the Taser was available people may have been shot but now the Taser is available the crims are very wary. Go figure, they ignore a Glock which spits 9mm bullets and fear a jolt from a Taser. Ignore sthe gun that could kill you, fear the zapper. Fricken dumb crims.

Back in 2006 veteran Crim-cuddler Marie Dyhrberg was all for banning them.

A campaign has been launched to stop the introduction of taser guns to the police.

It was revealed in February that trials of electronic stun guns are planned for later this year. Now a group calling itself ‘Campaign Against The Taser’ is trying to fire up debate.

Barrister and group spokeswoman Marie Dyhrberg says there should be a full independent inquiry about the devices. She says with major concerns already being raised about police use of pepper spray, it is critical the introduction of tasers is carefully scrutinised.

Liberal, panty-waist crim-cuddlers should just STFU. The Taser is saving lives.