Croz gives Koru Club Carter a smashing

The best blogger on Fiji matter is Crosbie Walsh’s and today he must have had a cold cup of snarky because he delivered a smackdown to Cgris “Koru Club” Carter over his sanctimonious claptrap he delivered yesterday.

So what’s changed? What new wisdom has Labour brought to the table? Well, nothing actually. They said all this four years ago. They have merely? reacted to National’s initiative because that’s what an Opposition in a democracy is supposed to do. But they could have lost themselves quite a few few votes from former Fiji residents in doing so.? And in critical Auckland electorates at that.

My advice to Labour. Don’t re-visit past policy: nothing changes in four years. Don’t reseach issues: just apply your pre-progammed ideological position. Don’t send anyone to Fiji to see what’s going on. Oh, and don’t read this blog. Just keep repeating “Pretty Polly. Pretty Polly.”

Croz raises a good point. Probably the last Labour politician to do anything in Fiji Marion Hobbs. Labour also sent their lackey, Sir Paul Reeves, to deliver up a dogs breakfast of a constitution. A constitution that Labour insists must be retained. They ignore the endemic corruption of Qarase’s government and the blatant voter fraud at the last election. Fraud that was so obvious that even I know what the payoff was. But not blatant enough for Marion Hobbs to notice from the tranquility of her air-conditioned hotel suite.