Crusher adopts the Guiliani Approach to Policing

Judith Collins must have read Rudy Guiliani’s autobiography because it seems she is adopting a lot of his principles for policing.

She has come out backing the police over the joyrides at the school gala. She has played this one bloody well.

Guiliani lowered the rate of crime in NY by publicly backing police at all times, even when they did things like shoot unarmed blacks. Previously the politicians would wring their hands in anguish, and complain about police behaviour as if the police were generically bad, rather than doing a tough job for low pay in difficult circumstances.

Guiliani got hammered in the press and by all sorts of liberals about this, but through his deeds he built trust in his police force, trust to actually police rather than worrying about some dopey bureaucrat or moronic ?justice reformer?. The result was a police force that actually was willing to police, and felt confident in their ability to police.

Obviously firing 41 bullets at an unarmed black man was going a bit far, but Guiliani remained steadfast in his support of the officers, who were all acquitted when tried for the shooting.

Crusher Collins has taken the same approach with the NZ Police. Police officers know they will receive her backing, not be sold down the river like Helen Clark and her minions did. This will give police officers the confidence to police properly, protecting the good people in the community, not the criminal scum.

Now to complete the package she needs to read up on Sheriff Joe, better still hire him to advise in Corrections.