Crusher making her play for Minister of the Month again

The first shipping containers converted into cells will be ready to house prisoners from April and Corrections Minister Judith Collins says it is possible the pilot will be expanded as pressure comes on the prison muster.

Ms Collins today toured the first container crate prison wing at Rimutuka Prison in the Hutt Valley, saying it was coming in on time and on budget to hold 60 prisoners.

Can’t wait to see them in action, though I could be seeing them from the inside.

Each 12.2m long container has been converted into three insulated and heated cells with two bunks, a toilet, shelving and a small table, all constructed out of steel.

Once completed there will be two shower blocks and a guards office – also built out of containers – laid out on a concrete square with a verandah roof around the inside of the wing.

Windows in the cells will look into the enclosed grass area.

Ok I’ve found a way to save even more cash and really leap Crusher way ahead of everyone else. I don’t think we need insulation, heating, or windows.

“It is about a $5 million budget and that is a 40 percent save on a normal build. This is a pilot though and they tend to be a bit more expensive. Also we needed these beds quickly so what we haven’t done is use prisoners to help built the units and should we do this in the future we would expect to use prisoners.”

A forty percent save on a pilot! Perhaps Minister Collins might like to take some other ministers aside for a talking to about how to save money by thinking outside of the bureaucrats box.

Asked how likely it was the container cell concept would be expanded, Ms Collins said: “So far it looks pretty good, but it is a pilot and what we need to do is always evaluate how we are spending the money. Certainly at this stage it looks pretty good and we may well do more of this.”

Great stuff. Build more, faster and cheaper than concrete, then knock down all the shit holes sitting on prime real estate and sell the land for mega bucks.

With Crusher Collins doing a splendid job in Corrections and with the police it is little wonder that The Whale is hearing squeaks of “Creepy” Cosgrove ditching early to run for Christchurch mayor.