Dastardly Duopoly set to continue stealing our cash

It seems that Vodafone and Telecom have got at the telecommunications commissioners, well two out of three at least.

The Commerce Commission, in a split decision, has rejected regulation as a means to reduce the costs of mobile phone calls.

Instead, telecommunications commissioner Ross Patterson has recommended that Minister for Communications and Information Technology Steven Joyce accept proposals put forward by Telecom and Vodafone as an alternative to regulation.

What that means is that we get to keep having our money nicked because of a cozy relationship between the two biggest players.

Bill ShockNow I’m not one to normally want regulation but it is as obvious as the warts on Helen Clark’s face that the current system hasn’t worked. And so two of the three commissioners think, rather stupidly I might add, that the very two who have rorted kiwi cellphone users for decades will have the best solution for our cellphone market.

Well, colour me stupid but that is about as likely to work as Tiger Mallard staying celibate.

One commissioner, Anita Mazzoleni, has sided with consumers.? She?s stuck to the Commission?s initial recommendation and recommended the Government regulate to bring MTRs down to sensible, cost-based levels.? This is what happens in pretty much every other country.

Right now the Dastardly Duopoly are probably having a big piss-up to celebrate pulling the wool over the commission’s somewhat shaded eyes.

I wonder perhaps if Mr Joyce would like me to park the Name Suppression case for a bit to concentrate on Mobile Termination Rates.

Much as I hate saying this I agree with the Labour Party press release, but you would expect that from Clare Curran, easily one of Labours brightest, then again with the talent pool as shallow as a carpark puddle it isn’t that hard to excel. The one nagging question I have though, and Clare escapes from any blame here, but what exactly did Labour do about this issue when in power for 9 years.